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2011 PUG Annual General Meeting


Saturday 12th November


Oxford University Computing Services, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN

The door will be locked, ring the doorbell pinned to the door (not the one on the frame!) to attract attention.

Getting there

There is limited parking available for those who really need to park close to the building (email if you think you qualify for a close parking space). Car drivers are strongly recommended to use the Park&Ride service from the northern (Peartree) site. Get off the Park&Ride bus opposite the (remains of!!!) the Radcliffe Infirmary site. Adjacent to the brick-built bus shelter is the rear entrance to the car park, walk through to the Banbury Road frontage, turn right to find the central front door.

From the railway station (stop R5) buses 14 or 14A run every half-hour to the Banbury Road.


0930Arrival, coffee & biscuits
0955Welcome (Chairman)
1000-1030PediTree update and generating web pages (Murray Kennedy)
1030-1100hands-on to try it yourself
1200-1230PortableApps (Malcolm Austen)
1230-1300hands-on to try it yourself
1400-1500One-Name Study Methodology (Rod Clayburn)



Bring your own lunch, or get something at one of the nearby establishments.

A hot drinks machine (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) is available, PUG will provide coins (and instructions!) to operate it. Please use your own coins if you want to use the adjacent canned drinks machine.

PUG will supply biscuits for those requiring a sugar-rush.

Hands-on sessions

These will be using the computers in the lecture suite at OUCS. I suggest that you:

  • bring a memory stick with a copy of your PEDIGREE on it - or at least a GEDCOM export from your database
  • bring a memory stick with at least 1Gb free space for the PortableApps session

Of course, these two might be the same memory stick :-)

Other attractions

If you have a large (and legal!) download you want to do, the lecture room network will be running 10+ times faster than your home network!

We will have one or two machines running the NBI (version 3) if you want to check that for ancestors.

We hope to have access to FindMyPast organised for the day.

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