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Advantages over Pedigree for DOS

Users ask what benefits PediTree has over the tried and trusted Pedigree. Most of the good Pedigree features are incorporated, but here are some of the extra facilities.

A. Printing

  1. Printing using Windows-only printers.
  2. Small fonts to get trees, tables and charts on fewer pages. Odd/even page printing.
  3. Choice of fonts and colours, with background lines or blood lines in a different colour.
  4. Printing of photographs incorporated into reports and trees.

B. Picture scripts

  1. Testing of individual scripts and diagnostics to show where they are used in the resulting text.
  2. Childnumber shown in detailBoxes and reports.
  3. Ages calculated at a point in time or at an individual's events. Day of the week format option.

C. Record and File Linking

  1. Hypertext jumping to linked records using ^RINs.
  2. Much quicker following of links (hypertext or in edit/grids): e.g. from Person-Source-Census-Person.
  3. Two-way updating of links (Person-Census, Census-Source)
  4. Hypertext links to image file displays and sound.
  5. Optional date and time stamping of records updated.

D. Multiple Windows and Lists

  1. Many concurrent windows open to compare data from the same or different record type.
  2. Switching windows concurrently open to review lists, data detail whilst previewing a print.
  3. Statistics on number of people at each chart generation.
  4. Lists open at current record.
  5. Indexes made on the first field present in one key with several fields, such as
  6. Selected list of chronological individuals’ events, occupations and residences.
  7. List of live individuals' birthdays from today onwards.
  8. Complete, or selected, alphabetical listing of place names mentioned on events as above, making a de-duplicated picklist for use when editing.

E. Print Previews

  1. WYSIWYG page displays to show exactly what would appear on each page of trees, charts and tables.
  2. Selective page reprinting of trees, charts and tables.
  3. Overall wide and tall tree preview diagram.
  4. Prevention of widowed and orphaned parts of records at the foot and top of tables.

F. Trees

  1. Double lines connecting multiple marriages
  2. Tree Line Style changes for blood lines of your ancestors or dashed lines for illegitimate children.
  3. Family descent and ascent trees limited by another plan, usually a blood line, to show only siblings of ancestors, not all collateral lines.

G. Editing

  1. Global search for text in any text field, or restricted to records in a list.
  2. Global find and replace text in any text field, or restricted to records in a list.
  3. Rearrange the sequence of children in a family, using drag and drop.
  4. Warning of incorrect birth/christening sequence.
  5. Rearrange the sequence of repeated fields or groups in a record.
  6. Pick place name from a list made from item D.8 above.

H. Definition changes

  1. Rearrange order of fields.
  2. Insert a new field.
  3. Default brief and detailBox picture scripts.
  4. New Jumbo and Massive database types with 6 or 9 Mb file sizes.

I. Added or Enhanced Facilities

  1. Check DB more thorough.
  2. GEDCOM Import more flexible.
  3. CSV Import easier to use.
  4. Relationship Islands facility.
  5. Date Checking facility.
  6. Compatible with current Windows versions, including 64-bit.
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