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Pedigree Software and Windows Versions

In general, all current program from Pedigree Software will work perfectly under all versions of Windows from Win95 to Win8 and Win 10. This includes the Utility programs, such as Database Utilities, PedClone, PedSpecs and GedUtils.

The only exception is Pedigree for DOS, which is subject to some limitations, to be described below.


PediTree installs and runs perfectly well under Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It has also been installed and run on Windows 8 and Windows 10 64-bit systems. It should be installed in the usual way, preferably from a recent CD supplied by Pedigree Software. Do not be tempted to install it in one of the Program files directories, as these have special security settings that can produce difficulties. Simply use C:\pedigree (or a similar root folder).

You can, if you wish, place your databases in a different location under C:\Users… When transferring your databases onto the new system, use a USB memory-stick or a CD, so that you do not transfer the Windows security settings as well. The old security settings may be incompatible with the new system. These are transferred if you use an external NTFS disk-drive or some transfer programs and can produce difficulties with unreadable databases.

Pedigree for DOS

Pedigree for DOS will install and work under 32-bit Windows 7 (and later versions), but not under the 64-bit versions without some complications.

If you must have it on a 64-bit system (this typically occurs if you have a brand new 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine, or upgrade to Windows 10), then it can be run using a free utility called DosBox. Here are the details. The associated utility Ped-FHS can also be run under DosBox.

Window Size

You cannot run Pedigree for DOS full screen in Windows 7, 8 or later, so you may find its window rather small. However, you can change the settings to increase the window size if you wish.

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