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Join PUG or renew your membership

The Pedigree Users Group (PUG) was established to provide a forum within which members can obtain help from experienced users, exchange experiences on more advanced matters and make personal contacts with other users. It holds occasional meetings and publishes a regular newsletter sent free to all members.

Members of PUG are eligible to subscribe to PUG-L, the group’s email list, and details of this are contained on PUGweb, which can be found at

A full membership listing is published in the newsletter once a year, with updates every issue.

Letters, comments and articles about any aspect of Pedigree, PediTree or PUG are welcome, particularly letters about the ways you have used any of the programs. If sent on a separate sheet, together with your name, to accompany this form, these will be forwarded to the newsletter editor. For suggestions about ways you think PediTree could be enhanced, please send a copy to Pedigree Software.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Pedigree Users Group and hope that you will find your membership both helpful and enjoyable.

Please print, complete and return the Membership Application/Renewal Form.

New Members

Please send the completed form to the Membership Secretary (address below)

Your membership details will be kept on a computer system for use in the administration of the Pedigree Users Group, but will not be disclosed to a third party without your permission. A full list of Members is published annually in the Newsletter and if you do not want your details published, please make this clear.

Overseas Members

Payment should be by sterling cheque, please send to the Membership Secretary.


Please print, complete and return the form as above indicating that you are renewing an existing membership.

If you are not intending to renew your membership, it would be appreciated if you would let the Membership Secretary know to save us sending you reminders. If you can spare the time, we would appreciate knowing your reasons for not renewing your PUG membership. A letter would be most welcome of course, but an email to is an alternative if you have access to email.

If you have any questions

Please contact the Membership Secretary, Carys Faichney:

By post:  19 Lombardy Close,
          Leverstock Green,
          Hemel Hempstead,
          HP2 4NG
By email: membership'at'
          (replace 'at' by @)

Note: replies will be sent to you by email - check your junk mail folder!

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