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The name 'Hoptroff'

I am Cedric Hoptroff. I was drawn to family history many years ago because people would say to me “Hoptroff, that's an unusual name. Is it Russian?” I wanted to be able to give them some sort of answer. The answer seems to be “No, it isn't”. The Hoptroffs seem to emanate from the North east Hampshire area and have been there at least back to the 16th Century. The name was often (and still is sometimes) spelled “Hoptrough”, which makes it look much more English! I have no idea about the origin and meaning of the name and would welcome any suggestions.

My Genealogical Work

I have not confined myself to the Hoptroffs, but have traced back all lines and identified at least all my ancestors born in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Going back to my grandparents brings in the names of Moate, Chilton and Corder and going back one generation more brings in Day, Child, Jardine and Parrott.

About 10 years ago progress more or less stopped as I seemed to have done about as much as I could but I have now decided go bck and reassess everything because, in the mean time, so much more material has become available, particularly on the internet.

I have been using Pedigree of about 20 years to keep my research results in order and am now in the process of changing over to Peditree. In spite of this long association with Pedigree, I have only joined he Users Group this year.

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