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PUG-L is the PUG Members' email list. It is a closed list meaning that only paid-up PUG members can receive and join in with the discussions in 'real-time'.

In early 2021 the list moved from a mailman host to

2021 onwards

The new home of PUG-L is

As of 3 Jan 2021, we are just starting to invite existing list members to join the reborn PUG-L.

As of 10 Jan 2021, we have three-quarters of the membership on Groups.IO so it is very definitely open for business.

There is no need to consider it as anything more than a mailing list - you send messages to, and receive them via, Of course, if you want to search the archive (just the recent messages, the future of the old archive is still being considered) then you will need to log in to


These instructions refer to the 'old' Mailman list which is still running at the time I am typing this.

To join, make your request to the membership secretary using the boxes on the list information page: PUG-L list information

That same page can be used to log in to your personal settings and to access the archive of past list messages - the archive is only visible to current list members.

Once you have joined the list, you can post a message to everyone on the list by sending it to:

Rod Clayburn has, over many years, produced digests of the PUG-L discussions for the PUG newsletter and now those digest are being, gradually, put into PUGwiki to make them more accessible.

Note this is 'work-in-progress'.

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