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Database Designs

PediTree Database Skeletons

Murray has provided us with a set of his skeleton (i.e. with no data yet entered) database directories. Each .zip file contains the files to recreate one of Murray's directories. The filenames also include Murray's version number for each database - representing the year and the month … with some flexibility about two changes happening in the same month!

For these databases you should extract the contents of the ZIP file directly into c:\pedigree (or whatever), the elton55.ped sub-directory is embedded in the ZIPPed filenames and will be created if it does not already exist. (You should then use PediTree to make a new working database from the elton55 master.)

elton55.2201 January 2022 (or as a self-extracting .exe)

elton55.2103 March 2021 (or as a self-extracting .exe)

elton55.2011 November 2020 (or as a self-extracting .exe)

elton55.2004 April 2020 (or as a self-extracting .exe)

elton55.1510 October 2015 (or as a self-extracting .exe)

elton55.1101 January 2011 (or as a self-extracting .exe)

elton55.612 December 2006 (or as a self-extracting .exe)

elton55.611 November 2006 (or as a self-extracting .exe)

Some information about the changes made between versions comes from the PediTree Help-file. Version Elton55.2011 is an update that improves GEDCOM 5.5 export scripts for import into Family Tree Maker. Version Elton55.2103 has further improvements for imports to Family Tree Maker. This two-page document shows the changes between Elton55.1510 and Elton55.2103. Version Elton55.2201 handles multiple surnames, as described in the January 2022 Newsletter.

An alternative database released in April 2015 may be more suitable for importing from other programs using GEDCOM standard 5.5. It has a general purpose Event field near the end of Person and Marriage records. This is for for events that are not specified already (i.e. birth, baptism, death, burial, will or matters such as occupation and residence). It is based on the existing group called event, but notes can now be as long as 4095 and a field 'type' has be added which should be compulsory when used in the general Event fields. Note that Elton55-based DBs can be imported to Events.ped, but the reverse could result in long event.notes being lost and the general event being errored on import.

See the information above for the method of installing this database.

events.1504 April 2015 (or as a self-extracting .exe)

PediTree Tutorial Database

This database (Royal03.exe, 90kbyte) is needed for the exercises in the PediTree Getting Started Guide.

This is a self-extracting archive of the files needed by users, called Royal03.exe. Once downloaded, it should be placed in the PediTree folder (normally C:\Pedigree) and run using Windows Explorer or otherwise. Further details (and a screen-shot) are to be found in chapter 3 section O of the Getting Started Guide version 2.

Sample Database

Carys Faichney has produced (December 2006) a sample database, populated with enough data to allow as many as possible of PediTree's facilities and capabilities to be demonstrated or experimented with. You can read more in the December 2006 Newsletter and download the database from this page of notes from Carys.

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