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Alternative Icons

This started as a comment about the standard (yellow) PediTree icon being rather too light for use on a very light coloured desktop.

Malcolm downloaded CoffeeCup Software's Free Icon Studio (but this is no longer available) and created these two offerings:

PediBlueTree.ico in which the tree is blue rather than yellow.

PediBoldTree.ico in which the above blue tree has been boldened.

Mike Fisher has also had a go with Icon Studio and favours this version:

PediBlueBack.ico in which the tree is yellow but has a blue, rather than transparent, background.

Mike also suggests that where an icon is being set up to load a specific database, overlaying the icon with a single white letter can be very useful.

The above three icons can be downloaded individually or are available in this single ZIP file.

Dick Walker has sent me his icon collection. He says <blockquote>When making an icon I use a “seed” .ico with the centre lines there to work from which can be deleted later. When modifying an icon I rename it from .ico to .bmp and open it in M$ Paint or similar. When finished and saved, I rename it .ico .</blockquote>

Dick's collection is shown below and is available in this single ZIP file, as well as for individual download.

pedigree.ico pedview.ico seed1.ico

phillips.ico philroys.ico walker.ico wingusa.ico

If you come up with some good looking icons for PediTree, please share them with us!

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